The right strategy for the perfect domestic help


One can go with the choice of the right domestic help right bring seated at Singapore. This is a great option especially in the case of dual-income families. This can be a great support for the parents who ate working for the long hours. Such a domestic help can be a great option to go with the household chores as well as can be an option to take the care for the kids as well as the old folks.

A way to meet with the financial costs

This can be done with the domestic helper which can be hired from the right service from the   There are also other plans for the best maid service scheme depending upon the live-in domestic help.

indonesian maid

Additional costs associated with the system

There are also another cost in the form of the Recurring costs such suggest fact the Helper’s salary> S$550 which can also come with the monthly Insurance of about $250 (for 26 months), their is also FDW levy which is about $720. The additional costa can also be associated with the food, lodging sometimes as the transportation expenses. The salary is also sometimes judged upon the nationality. One can be sure that The minimum salary is about S$550 for the ones who belong to Indonesia and is about $570 for the ones from the Philippines. There is, however, a gradual increase with the salary which is totally based on the years of experience. This can also come with the provision for the meals, lodging, travel expenses and many others.

Additional Coverages

There is also a need to go with the salary of about EOP which is the l3-hour programme helping one understand the value of the maid while being an employer. There is also an involvement of the Security bond which is also again dependent on the other norms. The indonesian maid in Singapore can adequately handle all tasks.


One can be relaxed with the opportunity of hiring the service since it can come with the adequate amounts that can suit the necessities of every individual household needs. With a reliable service, there is never a problem to face losses.