Magento Hosting and Development

With a plethora of Magento Development providers pioneering in the market, do you find it an arduous task to choose the best? Taking the Ecommerce industry and its offerings by storm, Magento brings forth a host of advanced features for its users. From giving complete flexibility to host & develop, the users can enjoy a scalable and robust website. Being an open source CMS platform, Magento also comes with insightful one-click upgrades, multilingual options, marketing promotional tools, administration interface, secure payment gateways, analytics and reporting, catalog management & product browsing, security and more in lieu to offering an excellent and hassle free shopping experience to the shopping fanatics. Did you know that Magento also supports the mobile ecommerce? All that one needs to do is to find the best Magento Development providers who are able enough to offer tailor made services that suit your explicit business needs.

Are you straddling the fence to find the best top Magento custom development company that suits your business requirements? Read through –

For the Large Businesses only

Ideally, if you are running a Magento Enterprise, then choose to opt for the services of Magento custom development companies exclusively for large businesses. They are the platinum partner of Magento, their servers are PCI compliant and they offer a 24 by 7 support. They have several packages to offer to their users – a basic package is marketed for zero to hundred parallel users with less than 150,000 products on the selling list. However, this Magento service and development provider is expensive. So, choose your bet only if you think you can afford their expensive services.Magento Hosting

For the Medium Business

This type of Magento custom development companies offers reasonable prices with a dedicated support to their customers. With excellent customer service reviews, they are definitely a good bet for medium sized businesses. These providers take out time to answer to their customer queries in a Reddit AMA.

For the small businesses

Their services are the best suited for small businesses. They are known in the market to offer low prices to their customers; however, with limitations. The prices are valid only for your first contract which could either last a month or year long. Also, with this bundle, customers are entitled to receive support from the provider for about 10000 monthly visits and one single website only. Want the PCI compliance? You will need to take the Go Geek package, unlike others.

From offering end-to-end implementation of B2C & B2B Magento-driven ecommerce sites, integration of Custom back-end systems, development of third-party systems connectors, localization, international storefronts and interfaces, 24 x 7 customer support and maintenance services to Custom product & services configurations; they use and Agile software development methodology to build a fully fledged plan to develop a Magento Website. One can be rest assured that all the required features alongside ID Theft Authority are incorporated in their website at a price that they can vouch for.